Pertemps Train British Touring Champ


We’re excited to announce that Pertemps Driving Division are involved in a great event involving British Touring Car Championship racing driver, Tom Ingram.

The pro-driver, who is sponsored by the Royal Haulage Association, has recently passed his Cat C driving qualification through the Pertemps Training course and is on his way to taking his Cat E test in the next couple of weeks.

What’s even more exciting is all of this has been caught on camera for a new ITV4 documentary raising awareness of the LGV driver shortage currently facing the UK.  Quentin Wilson will be hosting the show that follows Tom’s success, as well as opening up the conversation surrounding this current affair.

You may have seen our post last week based on a report by The Online Recruitment Resource that highlights the need for more drivers. Tom is supporting this cause and showing that driving is a great career option for anyone interested in being on the open road.

In addition to his training and ensuring he’s putting his learning in to practice, Tom is also completing a charity drive in a trans-aid lorry across Eastern Europe to raise money for a good cause.

We at Pertemps are proud to be part of such a big event with passionate people and can’t wait to see the programme broadcasted. So stay tuned for more updates, but until then, enjoy some photos of Tom undertaking his training.