Time to review our changing employment landscape | Pertemps

The CBI launches its fourth Employment Trends Survey (ETS) in collaboration with Pertemps Network Group, which will be used to inform policy throughout the year.

It’s one of the longest-running surveys providing insights that will inform strategic policy direction and a report will be published in December, providing an annual overview of the current employment landscape amongst businesses across all sectors on a national scale. The survey includes responses from over 350 businesses, which combined workforces amounted to around one million people – equivalent to about 3% of all employees in the UK.

The Employment Trends Survey provides an indicator of business forecasts across various issues relating to job, pay, competitiveness, diversity and inclusion and employment relations. CBI work across all of the issues raised within the ETS and use these as a crucial indicator of the strength of the UK economy, to inform policy decisions within the government.

The most recent ETS revealed that 45% of businesses across the UK expect to grow their workforce in the year ahead, with confidence highest among small and medium-sized employers (46%). However, there is a Brexit drag weighing on larger firms, with optimism about adding new jobs at its weakest among businesses more exposed to the uncertainties posed by Brexit.

There also shows a clear commitment from businesses to push for a diverse and inclusive workforce.  Encouragingly, nearly nine in ten businesses (88%) are taking vital action to reduce gender pay gap and improve gender diversity at all levels of businesses. The CBI supports the introduction of mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting, but firms are overwhelmingly underprepared, with only 17% of respondents monitoring average pay by ethnicity.

The survey indicates that confidence of businesses is ebbing, with nearly half of the UK businesses (48%) consider that the UK has become a less attractive place to invest and do business over the past five years.  Firms are still reporting access to skills as the most significant threat to the UK labour market competitiveness, with 83% stating it is a worry (up from 79% in 2017).

It’s been an interesting year in business and one of the most uncertain, however, despite all this, the recruitment market has remained lively with growth occurring in most sectors. At Pertemps, we look forward to 2019 and the exciting developments it will bring.

To take part in the CBI/Pertemps Network Group Employment Trends Survey 2019, go here

To see the most recent report, go to https://www.pertemps.co.uk/employers/resource-centre/employment-trends-survey/