Crucial Questions To Ask Your Interviewer Post-Lockdown

Posted 3 years ago •

Shops are open, the hospitality industry is gradually returning, and a sense of normality is slowly beginning to reappear.

As lockdown restrictions have relaxed, the way we work has shifted and transformed abruptly in order to adapt and continue during these unprecedented times.

With this ‘new normal’, it’s crucial you gauge your potential employer’s future post-pandemic during your job search. During your interview, ask questions that can give an indication into what the future will look like post COVID-19.

Here are some suggested questions you can ask your interviewers…



How have you supported employees who were furloughed or made redundant?

People are a firm’s most valuable asset. How workers are treated says a lot about the company’s culture and their values. Did they provide services, tools and resources to assist employees prior to being furloughed, or if they were unfortunate enough to lose jobs?

What changes have you made to the onboarding process to ensure new hires are successful?

In light of COVID-19, you need to know how the company will safely onboard you while working remotely (if this is an option) or when social distancing in the workplace. What have they implemented or put in place to ensure you’re well equipped to start your new role?

As a result of social distancing and remote working, what tools or practices have you put in place to continue communication and collaboration in order to support employees?

Remote working has always been a hot topic, but not all companies embraced remote working until the COVID-19 pandemic. You want to gauge how your future employer feels about remote working now, what support will be provided and how.

What impact has COVID-19 had on your business and what does the future look like?

This is a great way to gauge a company’s financial stability and their future strategy for employees to ensure job security as much as possible. Asking a variation of questions such as the above, will give you a good understanding of the company you could be joining. It shows that you’re thinking about the wider picture, you’re a problem solver and a team player.

Has your company learned any lessons from the pandemic?

It’s vital you understand the challenges any company may be experiencing and how your role can solve and alleviate those challenges. From this you can understand how your future employers handle risk mitigation.


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