The Best Jobs For Globetrotters

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Looking for a job that involves travelling? If you don’t fancy a 9 to 5 job, there are a surprisingly large number of roles which allow you to jet off and see cool countries. If you are a globetrotter with an itch to see the world and get paid, here are five roles for you to consider in 2020:

Teaching English in a foreign country

Although teaching in a foreign language often requires a TEFL qualification, it is not always essential as different countries have different requirements. However, there are few prerequisites to begin your TEFL course and once you are fully qualified you can apply to schools across the globe. Countries looking for TEFL staff usually cover living costs, flights and accommodation, alongside a good base salary.



PR Executive

Working in PR involves balancing an office environment and a life on the road. You can expect the job to involve attending cool press events in different cities and even other countries! Hours are typically social but be prepared to travel on short notice and to stay at events longer than expected if a story unfolds. A solid background in writing is essential, as is your ability to self-manage once you’re on the road.

Holiday reps

The ideal candidate for holiday reps are outgoing, organised and have great leadership skills. They are responsible for ensuring that holiday guests have an enjoyable time abroad and although the sun, sea and sometimes snow are highlights of the role, the reality is that you must be prepared to handle anything from missing luggage to medical emergencies in a professional manner.

Flight Attendant

Flights, accommodation and expenses are all covered as you spend as many as five days in breath-taking locations across the world. However, be aware that the hours can be long and sometimes unsociable with public holidays often becoming the busiest in your working calendar. In saying this, the extended training is worth the rewards if you love to experience new cultures and locations.



Civil Engineer

Civil Engineers work alongside architects to turn blueprints of bridges and buildings into reality. With large UK engineering companies creating structures all over the world, civil engineers often find themselves on-site overseeing the construction of dams, airports, powerplants and much more. If you are mathematically minded and have appropriate training, a role as a civil engineer could be your ticket to seeing building projects all over the globe.  



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