The Best Jobs For People Who Love Writing

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Maths not your thing? Do you get annoyed when you see an apostrophe in the wrong place? Chances are a career in writing would be right up your street.

However, there’s more to a writing career than being a journalist or novelist. If you love the English language and fancy earning a good wage for putting your thoughts onto page, then here’s a few jobs that are certainly worth considering.



Business writer

These days; any respectable company needs to differentiate itself from its competitors and the majority do this through having a distinguishable brand. Many companies take brand language so seriously that they employ writers in-house whose job is to make sure the company has a recognisable voice that is used across all communications and marketing channels. As well as devising that tone of voice, it would also be your job to teach everyone else how to use it when writing.


Advertising Copywriter

You can find these roles within advertising agencies meaning one minute you could be writing a blog for a pharmaceuticals business and the next interviewing the head of a huge financial institution. Jobs like this can also be found in-house and you won’t necessarily have to have an in-depth knowledge the company’s industry or specialism before applying. You could even specialise in anything from social media to web editing.



Bid writer

Winning bids is no easy feat for any business, regardless of the industry in which they operate, for example, a charity applying for funding or healthcare company seeking medical research costs. To construct a winning bid, loads of companies employ full-time bid writers to ensure their bid stands out from the packed crowd. You’ll need to write, design and edit bids and talk and listen to clients. Following strict rules, your bid will need to be written in the highest quality.


PR specialist

Great communication is a must for this role as is the knack of being an excellent writer. It will be your responsibility to use language to create a buzz about your company, and use all of your writing talents to turn negative stories into positive copy. You’ll be expected to write newsletters, press releases, blogs and web content whilst also handling enquiries from the media and reacting to crisis situations. These roles are often high in demand such is their importance to the modern business.



Technical writer

As well as being an ace writer, you’ll also need to be able to convert complex language into easy-to-understand language for the casual reader. It will be your job to ensure a clear and concise writing style so that specialist or technical manuals or instructions can be deciphered. Deadline-meeting will be a must and you’ll need an analytical mind and inquisitive nature.



Of course; you don’t need to be employed by a business these days to make money as a writer. There are tonnes of examples of bloggers who’ve made their name (and fortune) through writing regularly about a chosen subject. However, more and more companies are now waking up to the need to produce frequent and new content to keep the search engines happy so this is a service that is in increased demand by employers.


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