What Does 2018 Hold For Jobseekers?

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The employment trends survey 2017: the go-to report for all things recruitment and employment trends over the past year. The survey, produced by the CBI and Pertemps, compiles reactions from 299 businesses of all sizes and sectors from across the country. It is a great insight into the world of recruitment for job seekers. So, for those of you who are searching for a new role in 2018, we have the low-down on the state of employment in the upcoming year.

Jobs growth

Jobs growth has been steadily increasing throughout 2017 and this is set to continue in 2018. Over half of respondent businesses are looking to grow their workforces over the next 12 months, which is great news for anyone on the job hunt. This growth is expected throughout all sectors, so whether you’re a graduate, in the construction industry, a nurse or in IT, opportunities are on the up.


Things are looking healthy in terms of pay in 2018. Over half of respondent businesses plan to raise pay for their employees in line with, or above, inflation in the coming year. Only 3% of businesses plan to freeze pay altogether. 


2018 is the year of diverse and inclusive workplaces. Almost all respondents see achieving an inclusive workforce as vital to future success, with seven in ten firms introducing or extending flexible working opportunities and two thirds investing in training for line managers.

Over half of respondent businesses are looking to grow their workforces over the next 12 months

Employee engagement

Increased productivity and performance are just two benefits of an engaged workforce. Businesses are prioritising achieving high levels of employee engagement, improving leadership skills and retaining talent in the coming year.

Labour market

It is no surprise that many businesses consider that the UK has become a less attractive place to invest and do business in over the past five years. With Brexit looming, the supply of highly skilled migrants is set to dwindle. Skills gaps are also a threat to the labour market and businesses are struggling to find people with the right qualifications and experience to fill roles. Although these concerns are being taken into 2018, it’s time to be optimistic and try to find solutions to these issues.

2018 is set to be a great year for job seekers. Despite some concerns, the year ahead is looking good. If you’re searching for a new opportunity head to our find a job page now.

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