Why A New Job Should Be At The Top Of Your List

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Thinking of searching for a new job? Well, what are you waiting for? Whether you have a boss who steals your thunder, or going to work fills you with dread, now is the perfect time to find your next big opportunity.

A new job should definitely be at the top of your list this summer if you feel like most of the following applies to you…



Monday morning hell

Monday mornings are no one’s best friend. But if you spend Sunday worrying about the following day at work, then that’s a warning sign. Feeling a huge sense of dread when you think of work isn’t the norm, so it might be time to think about finding a new job

You throw sickies

Apparently, one in five British people have lied about being ill to have a day off work in the past year. Have you pulled a sickie to get out of work? More than once? If this is the case and you’re regularly calling in sick, you probably need to dust off your CV and find a new opportunity, preferably somewhere you will enjoy!  

Don’t feel motivated

Does your workload leave you feeling a bit ‘meh?’ In every job, there are going to be mundane tasks, but if yours doesn’t inspire you one bit, you’re probably in the wrong one! When you enjoy your job, you feel motivated to do well. Once your drive and passion has gone, there’s not much hope…

You hate your boss

Whether they make your life a misery, take credit for your work, ignore you or are downright aggressive; a bad boss can make the most determined employees flee their workplace. No one should have to deal with a monster manager. If you need advice, see our types of bad bosses and how to handle them blog. However, if you know you’re fed up and there’s no going back, check out our latest vacancies instead. 

No development opportunities

Feel as though you aren’t reaching your full potential? If you’re finding your day-to-day job easy and feel a little bit bored, it’s time to ask for more responsibility. Set a meeting with your manager to discuss the options. However, if this goes nowhere and you’re left feeling undervalued, it might be best to take your skills elsewhere.


Sometimes, we feel it’s simply time to move on. Whatever the reason, if your gut tells you it’s time to go, take the leap.

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