9 ways to stay motivated at work during the holidays | Pertemps

It’s the holiday season; time to put your feet up and grab a mince pie.

Or not…

Do you have to work over the Christmas break? If so, we’ve got some tips to help you stay motivated at work during the holidays.


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Plan – Plan early and create goals for 2019. This way, you’re clear on what to prioritise in the New Year.

Finish projects – Get everything done on your to-do list so you start the New Year on a clean slate. 

Winter clean – Refresh your workspace ready for 2019. When you’ve got a spare moment, declutter, tidy, organise and freshen up your desk or office. Clear desk, clear mind!  

Exercise – Days can be long, especially when everyone else is on holiday. Get out of the office and take a walk at lunch time. Talk to other people who are around over the holidays. Have some time to yourself to recharge.

Ask for help – If you’re stuck on something and need advice, don’t be worried about asking for help.

Limit distractions – Resist the urge to look at social media when you’re at work. Seeing other people’s Christmas snaps will only put you off your work.

Don’t overpromise – Be realistic with deadlines over the Christmas break. Don’t stress and try to get everything done at once before the new year.

Review the past year – Look back on 2018 and think about what went well and what you could have done better. Then, write down your goals for the coming year and set your mind to achieving what you really want in your career.

Get into the spirit! – Even though you’re at work, you can still get into the holiday spirit. Decorate your workspace and get the Christmas songs on!


Juggling parties, shopping, hosting, planning, travelling, and your job can be difficult over the festive period, but stick to our nine ways to stay motivated at work and you should be feeling more motivated in no time.