Bad Habits To Ditch At Work

Posted 4 years ago •

Everyone is guilty of developing some bad habits at work because of factors like deadline pressures, stress and management - to name a few! You are probably unaware of these habits and the impact they can have on your team and even your career. Fear not, the first step to finding a solution is recognising the problem. Are you a culprit of these common workplace habits?

Being negative

We’ve all been down in the dumps at work at some point, but there is a big difference between feeling glum and being deliberately negative about the workplace. If more often than not you’re approaching projects with a negative attitude or regularly pointing out problems, consider how this might impact your team and instead voice concerns to your manager.

Lone wolf syndrome

While working independently can have some great benefits, being a lone wolf can also have drawbacks which include being disengaged from group tasks or projects, neglecting emails and failing to communicate with your team.

Luckily, this bad habit can be easily fixed by communicating more frequently. If this sounds like you and you feel uncomfortable voicing your concerns verbally, you can communicate with your manager over email to keep them informed about your work.

Going into work sick

On the face of it, powering through when you’re ill sounds like you’re the ultimate team player. Soldiering on when you’re feeling unwell is actually a habit more of us should break. Not only can coughing, sneezing (and complaining) become distracting to those around you, you are also putting others at risk. Instead, take some time to recover and return when you’re feeling better.

Being late

Remember the dog ate your homework fib as a kid? The adult equivalent cop out is ‘the traffic was awful’ and being consistently late, even if it’s only a few minutes could damage your career progression. Unfortunately, your manager is unlikely to remember the excellent job you do during work hours if you’re always the last one through the door!

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