Don't Get On With Your Boss? Here Are 10 Tips To Improve Your Relationship

Posted 7 years ago •

When you and your boss don’t see eye to eye, work can be a particular struggle. Maybe you disagree on certain issues or hate their management style. Whatever the problem, don’t let your life become miserable – there are things you can do.

  • It’s not me, it’s you Subtly talk to your colleagues and see if they dislike the boss too. If they do, at least you know it’s not personal. However, if it is you, maybe there’s a way you can salvage the relationship by examining your own behavior too.
  • Ask yourself why? Make a list of reasons why things are not working out between you. Some of the reasons might not be that serious – if you hate the way your boss chews their food at lunch, that’s probably something you can get over.
  • Think positively What does your boss do well? Their personality may annoy you, but are they good at their job? The likely answer is yes, as they’ve made it this far and have managerial status. Try and find ways to focus on the positive things they do rather than the negative.
  • Get on with work – getting your head stuck into your work will distract you from any squabbles or workplace gossip. Completing tasks on time may even improve the relationship with your boss. After all, you are ultimately at work to do your job!

  • Be helpful – ask your boss if they need any help with anything. Give them ideas and suggestions. Find out their goals and work toward them together. Your boss should appreciate your help which could improve relations.
  • Talk to them – you might not want to or feel a little awkward, but if you want anything to change, talking to your boss is vital. Schedule a meeting or invite them to lunch and explain how you’re feeling. Don’t be aggressive or list a million reasons why you dislike them – just explain rationally that you feel the relationship isn’t working and why. See what their point of view is on the situation. After all, they can’t read your mind.
  • Connect – a way to build a stronger relationship with your boss is to get to know them on a personal level. Try and find out their interests and see if any align with your own. Sports? Music? Food? Discovering common ground gives you a better understanding of what your boss is like outside of work. If you have no similar interests, though...don’t fake it.

  • Make a plan – make a plan of outcomes you both want to achieve in the job. If you can agree on professional matters and be civil, that’s a great start. Even if you are completely different people outside of work with opposite opinions, your work objectives are probably similar so focus on them. In time this may improve the working relationship.
  • Boss’s boss – if things aren’t improving, you could go to the senior manager to discuss the situation. Make some broad suggestions about how the department could work better as a team, especially if your colleagues dislike the boss too. Hopefully, they can defuse the situation and have a word with your boss.
  • Weigh up your options – if you’ve tried your best but still can’t get along and it’s making you unhappy, weigh up your options. Life is too short to stay in a miserable job, so consider a job change. There are plenty of other opportunities out there with appreciative bosses who are always on the lookout for enthusiastic candidates.

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