Do you dazzle under pressure? Stand out from the crowd? Can you wow in front of an audience? Then you might just be an award-winning candidate…

Shine in your interview
Dress to impress

The 89th Academy Awards, aka the Oscars, saw a host of glitzy celebs dressed in their finery ready to impress yesterday. Ball gowns and designer suits galore, the celebration is renowned for being a glamorous affair with all eyes on who wears what.

Take inspiration from the celebs’ impressive wardrobes when putting together your own interview outfit. Don’t go overboard obviously – there’s no need to book a pro hairdresser and a team of stylists for the day. Check the company’s dress code before the interview to get an idea of the kind of outfit you should wear. As long as you look presentable and feel confident, the rest of the interview should be a breeze! 

No one likes a no-show

It's not the same when we have to watch a pre-filmed thank you speech. Something put together a few weeks before the ceremony, it's just not the same...

This is the exact same as your interview. If you've decided you are no longer interested in the role, be honest about it. There's no need to lie or not turn up on the day. Save both yourself and your Recruiter some stress and tell them the truth!

Make sure to prepare for your speech!

Nail your speech

Don’t fluff your lines or say anything you’ll regret…

Just like celebrities accepting an Oscar, have an idea of what you’re going to say in an interview. Practice some answers for any predictable questions that might come up, such as ‘why do you want to work here?’ This way, you will give the best answer possible and will hopefully avoid any embarrassing faux pas.

Flash a prize-winning smile

Always remember to smile – this makes you more approachable to the interviewer. While they are focusing on your skills and past experiences, the interview is also about finding out what you’d be like to work with. A grumpy person slouched in their chair won’t give a great first impression and doesn’t exactly scream ‘I want this job’. If you really want the position, you shouldn’t have to try too hard to be enthusiastic - smiling should come naturally. 

Use your talents to show off your uniqueness

Big aspirations

It took years of hard work for Leonardo DiCaprio to be awarded with an Oscar. Nicole Kidman wasn’t handed the Academy Award for nothing. Brad Pitt dropped out of university and delivered refrigerators among other odd jobs before he rose to fame and won numerous awards. All of these celebrities have big dreams and aspirations; qualities interviewers may look for in a prospective employee. Being motivated, driven and interested in career growth in a job are all great things to get across in an interview. Ask about options for development in the company to find out if your goals can be achieved.


Nobody likes a sore loser

Don’t be like some sour faced celebs at the Oscars. We’ve all seen it; the camera pans to focus on one celebrity’s reaction as their rival’s name is read out as the winner and their face can’t help but drop.  

If you don’t get the job, don’t be too disheartened. There are plenty of other employers out there searching for new talent constantly. So get back on the job hunt and fingers crossed for next time!

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