The Perks Of Working A Manual Job

Posted 6 years ago •

Office job vs physical job - which is better? The common perception is that an office job is easier and takes less of a toll on your body. However, research has revealed that in fact, sitting down at a desk all day can be more stressful and unhealthy for you (reaching for that pack of Hobnobs every hour probably doesn’t help either). A manual labour job could be the answer if you hate the idea of working in an office environment. Here are some reasons why…

Increases activity – humans are made to be active. When we aren’t physically active, we get ill. In a manual labour job, you can’t help but engage in continuous exercise each day. This has a great benefit on your body and keeps off the pounds. Your muscles become stronger and you feel fitter overall. So forget the gym – if you want to stay fit a manual labour job is an ideal way.  

Better sleep – after a hard day of physical work, you will definitely be worn-out. Your body will feel tired and need rejuvenating in preparation for the next day, so you should sleep like a baby. If you have an office job and struggle to drift off, do at least 30 minutes of exercise in the day to increase your chances of a good night’s sleep.  

Stress? What stress? – a lot of the time, people in physically demanding jobs feel pretty darn good, all thanks to chemicals called endorphins. They allow the brain to think clearly and reduce stress. Sitting down for long periods decreases the amount of endorphins released which can cause a mental block. If you work in an office, go for a walk at lunch or do some stretches throughout the day and you should feel more engaged and energetic.

Jobs'a plenty - Whether you're working a manual labour job permanently or need an assignment in between contracts, there is always a need for the able-bodied so play your cards right and you won't be looking for work for very long!

Rewarding – all types of jobs can leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled at the end of the day, but nothing feels quite as good as seeing the end product of something you’ve physically made. Building a house, redecorating an office or constructing a brick wall gives you a great sense of accomplishment and can be extremely rewarding, especially if you’re making someone else happy.

So if want an active, rewarding job head to our jobs page and have a nosey. 

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