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Social work is a regulated profession and practitioners must be registered with the appropriate statutory body. To register a social worker must satisfy the criteria for registration. Non-graduates must undertake a three-year degree in social work; graduates with relevant experience may take a two-year postgraduate diploma/Master’s degree. Prior relevant work experience or relevant voluntary work is encouraged. Background checks including a DBS check are required.


  • Liaises with other health and social care professionals and agencies to identify those in need and at risk within the local community.
  • Interviews individuals and groups to assess and review the nature and extent of difficulties.
  • Undertakes and writes up assessments to specified standards.
  • Arranges for further counselling or assistance in the form of financial or material help.
  • Organises support and develops care plans to address service users’ needs.
  • Keeps case records, prepares reports and participates in team meetings.
  • Gives evidence in court.
  • Participates in training and supervision.

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