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We offer our clients the ability to process timesheets electronically via the Pertemps website. This service provides our clients with less paperwork and a much easier sign-off process. It also give the client an audit trail of recent completed and signed-off timesheets for summary.

We have developed a bespoke eTimesheet solution that allows remote workers to enter timesheets via the web. This module can be configured and adapted to suit any industry, timesheet style or working pattern.


Pertemps Clients

If you are a new client who has signed up to eTimesheet you will first need to register each of the approves who would normally sign-off paper timesheets. Your Pertemps contact will have issued you with a URL to be used to register your timesheet approvers. Please complete the online form and once submitted sign-in with your chosen username and password combination.


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Our online service simplifies payroll and employee record administration and speeds up timesheet authorisation.

  • Reduced administration burden
  • Faster Timesheet Authorisation
  • Improved Absence Management
  • Powerful Management Tool
  • MAP Compliant (Daily Hours and Days Worked Captured)
  • Simplified payroll and employee record administration
  • Retention of Historic Timesheets (3 Months)
  • Instant and Accurate Information
  • Conforms to Working Time Regulation
  • Reduced Admin Costs


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