Programme Administrator Job In Birmingham

Programme Administrator

  • £11.90 per hour
  • Posted: 29/03/2018
  • Birmingham
  • Job Ref: 041224920
  • Temporary

Job Details

We are currently recruiting for a Programme Administrator to work within a Higher Education organization.

This busy and challenging role is essential to the day-to-day administration of undergraduate teaching to students in the School including the production of timetables, processing of continuously assessed work and the processing and calculation of examination marks. The post holder is a key member of the team which ensures the smooth running of the undergraduate teaching programmes.

Main Duties
The post holder will be responsible for all aspects of the administration of the Programmes and will be expected to deliver this support service to the School.

Programme Administration
To evaluate, in consultation with the team and programme manager, processes and procedures during the academic year and identify areas for improvement and refinement. The postholder will be responsible for implementing any agreed changes.
Responsible for planning the timetable, in consultation with academic staff and resolving anomalies. They will be required to flag-up problems which have arisen during the academic year and ensure resolution in subsequent years; ensuring that student feedback is taken into account where appropriate. They will be responsible for the preparation of the first draft of the detailed timetable, ensuring that student clashes do not occur; that all lectures, associated practicals, problems classes and tests are timetabled in the most appropriate running order; and identification of appropriate visual aids and ensuring their availability as appropriate. Where timetable clashes do arise, the postholder will be expected to identify alternative times, ensuring the availability of enough appropriate resources and space.
To identify and resolve any problems, relating to the timetable, as they arise during the course of the teaching year
To obtain student marks and information, ensuring that information is complete and correct. The postholder is responsible for writing to personal tutors, prior to student progress tutorials, highlighting issues that require follow-up; either still pending from previous tutorials or new information (i.e. persistent absence or non/late return of assessed work; medical or personal matters).
To implement and monitor transfers and leave of absences both in and out of the School, effecting deferments as necessary.
Reponsible for reporting and recording student attendance in accordance with UKVI guidelines and programme requirements.
To prepare and distribute laboratory practical guides and information packs; ensuring that all students receive the correct paperwork for their choice of modules. This will necessitate the chasing of academic colleagues to tight deadlines.
To establish appropriate hand-in dates for assessed student work and to inform students to identify student work handed-in late and apply the appropriate penalty as prescribed by the School; to ensure that continuously assessed student work is marked promptly by academic staff and that both work and results are fed back to students in a timely fashion; ensuring that all student work is tracked and monitored and that student absences from continuously assessed work are accurately recorded. This is an essential activity as inaccuracies in this data will impact upon student marks at examination time

General duties
Provide secretarial support to committees, examination boards and working groups as needed
Develop and maintain a strategy for retention/disposal of materials in the archive room.
To undertake other duties as required by the Programme Administration Manager or Senior Professional Services Staff within the College.

Assessment and Progression
To provide advice, guidance and the resolution of queries from staff, students, Student Records Office, Examinations Office and other schools.
To identify examinations required for the academic session; to check that the duration of examinations are appropriate; to set-up new examinations; to establish necessary linking between examinations; and to identify any special requirements.
To compile the end of year paperwork, analysing the marks for each individual student, and ensuring that all relevant information is available for the Examination Board (this may involve consultation with various members of staff both within the School and other sections of the University.)
To attend the Examination Board; to be able to respond to queries from the Board regarding individual students and/or examination process/procedure; to take minutes and to ensure the implementation of action points.
To ensure that students are correctly registered for the appropriate examinations and resolve any anomalies. This process will require the postholder to use their detailed knowledge of each student's status and modular registration to match to the appropriate examinations. The consequence of a student being incorrectly registered for an examination may result in an appeal and/or litigation, depending on the outcome. To ensure that the assessment listings report is completed in advance of the deadline.

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