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Modern Slavery Statement - 2018

This statement is made as part of Pertemps Recruitment Partnership Limited’s commitment to eliminating the exploitation of people under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the Act). Pertemps has always prided itself in taking an ethical stance in the way we manage our workforce and candidates from initial sourcing to assignment / placement. We are committed to ensuring that there is transparency throughout our organisation with our applicants, clients, suppliers and staff.

This statement is published in accordance with section 54 of the Act, and relates to the financial year April 2017 to April 2018.


Our Business

Pertemps Recruitment Partnership is a limited company operating in the recruitment sector and is part of the wider Pertemps Network Group of Companies. For details of our group structure, see

The Company was established in Birmingham in 1961, today we have branches across the UK supplying recruitment solutions across all industry sectors.

We are members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and hold a Gangmaster Licence (certificate no: PERTOO1).


Our Policies

Our legal responsibilities under the varied acts and regulations that as an employment agency /employment business we are required to comply with, form the basis for our policies and procedures and serve to reinforce what we consider to be a moral code of conduct that should be applied at all times in every aspect of our business.

These policies include:

Ethical Trading Policy

Whistleblowing and Public Interest Disclosure Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy

Policies are developed by the Human Resources Department and authorised by the Board of Directors. All policies are reviewed on an annual basis or as necessary pending legal requirements.


Our Supply Chain

In order to assess the risk of modern slavery, we use the following. processes with our suppliers:

  • When engaging with suppliers, we ask for evidence of their processes and policies, including commitments around modern slavery, human trafficking, forced labour, human rights, and whistle-blowing.
  • We conduct audits before entering into a commercial relationship with any business where there is the potential for risk. These audited businesses form the basis of our preferred supplier list.
  • We review the potential for risk at regular intervals, including the possibility of re- auditing a supplier or conducting spot checks.


Our Training

All of our staff receive training and support that is appropriate to their role. In particular:

  • All operational staff undertake specific recruitment process training that includes:
    • Checking Right to Work in the UK
    • Gangmaster Licencing regulations
    • Discrimination in Recruitment
    • Modern slavery and human trafficking
  • All of our staff receive awareness-raising information around issues involving modern slavery and human tratficking, so that they can bring any concerns they have to the attention of management.


Future Steps and Review

Pertemps believes in seeking continuous. improvement opportunities to raising standards. We will look to develop our policies, procedures. and training to support our corporate and individual social responsibilities.


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