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Mortgage advisers help people find and apply for mortgages.


There are no formal academic requirements although entrants usually possess GCSEs/S grades and a degree in a relevant subject is sometimes required. Training may be undertaken in-house or entrants may attend courses run by professional institutions. Registration with a regulatory authority is required in some positions.


  • Advises on the relative merits of pension schemes, insurance policies and mortgages that best meet the needs of clients given their personal circumstances.
  • Analyses the financial position of clients, considering outgoings, dependants and commitments.
  • Identifies and attracts new clients by arranging visits and explaining the benefits of financial products.
  • Keeps up to date with financial products, legislation and requirements for compliance with the relevant regulatory authority.
  • Monitors information on the socio-economic environment and interprets the implications of such information for their clients.
  • Predicts the likely long- and short-term future performance of securities and other financial products and advises upon what will be an appropriate investment for their clients.
  • Prepares summary reports of findings for fund managers.

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