Going Green: Become More Sustainable At Work

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The fight against climate change comes in all shapes and sizes but with one common denominator – saving the plant (no pressure). Whether you’re a professional at going green at work or you’re keen to make your workplace more environmentally friendly. Here are five ways you can help:



Create challenges

Shifting your mindset and embracing change can be tough but setting fun monthly challenges with the team can be a good way to keep everyone motivated and reward success. Offer monthly prizes like office snacks, coffee shop vouchers or even reusable products to help the cause!


Reduce and reuse

Knowing plastic can take centuries to break down can make sustainability seem overwhelming but simple steps can help towards reducing waste. Challenge yourself and encourage co-workers to eliminate single-use items like plates and water dispenser cups and instead invest in a reusable water bottle and create the habit of bringing your own cutlery into work.


Energy saving

Work can be fast-paced and shutting down equipment at the end of the day can easily be forgotten, but this simple task can make a big impact and help your workplace become more environmentally friendly. Turn off computers, printers, photocopiers and other equipment that doesn’t need to be left on at the end of day and switch off the lights when you can and enjoy the natural light!



Go paperless

Having a digital document management system in place and ditching paper is more secure, can save time and is a good way to declutter the office.  Many businesses are onboard with this new way of working, but for some businesses this might not be an option. If this is the case for your company, take some measures by printing paper double-sided and only printing off documents when absolutely necessary.


Invest in plants

Get closer to nature and add some greenery to your workspace. Indoor leafy plants can purify the air and help employees feel a lot happier at work. If you’re looking to create a stronger bond with the team on your sustainability mission, step up your indoor garden game and create your own potted plants.


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