How To Successfully Lead Your Team Remotely

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Leading a team remotely doesn’t have to be a tough task and although the prospect of engaging your team may seem daunting, there are plenty of things you can do as a manager to guide them to give their best and positively impact your business. Here is how you achieve that:




It goes without saying that communication is key but if you’re used to sharing an office with your employees, leading a team remotely could present new challenges. It’s important that everyone is on the same page and as a manager you should communicate with your team daily - whether that’s via email, phone or video call.


Manage expectations

When talking about managing expectations that applies to you as a manager as well. Set yourself and your team up for success by defining deadlines, deliverables and expectations - as well as giving reasons why delegated tasks are important. Managing expectations will not only provide clarity, but it will also build mutual trust between you and your team.


Focus on outcomes

It’s important to give your team autonomy over their workload for the most part. It would be extremely difficult to manage all aspects of your team’s workload, especially if you are managing a large team and across different locations. Rather than focusing on the number of hours worked, concentrate on the outcomes and the impact on the business.


Show appreciation

Working remotely can affect employees in different ways and they may experience spells of loneliness or feeling negative. As a manager, recognising your employees efforts is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Something as simple as an email or call thanking them for their contributions can make them feel significantly valued.


Provide resources

Never assume that your team already have the technology needed to work remotely, as a manager it is your responsibility to ensure they do. It’s essential that your team have laptops, phones, software, internet etc. ahead of working remotely.


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