Our Purpose, Values & Behaviours

Are what drives us - what we want the organisation to be and what it means to our clients, candidates and colleagues.

Our purpose is to be a fully inclusive recruitment company, owned and driven by its people, pioneering the future of total workforce solutions.

Our values lay the foundation of what Pertemps Network Group cares about most. They set out what all colleagues should live by at work and what is expected to lead us all to success.

Our behaviours give us a code of conduct at work. They provide a guide for our behaviour in different situations, whether it’s at work, in social settings or online.

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be Honest

We are authentic and show integrity. We are a recruitment partner to rely on, building trust and loyalty with clients, candidates and colleagues to be the recruitment partner of choice. Working together to have open conversations.

We are resilient and take ownership of our actions and their outcomes, being accountable to our clients, candidates and colleagues. We put the health, safety and wellbeing of our clients, candidates and colleagues at our heart and keep our promises.

Be Passionate

We seek to exceed expectations in all we do including engaging positively with each other, building inclusive enduring relationships, enjoying what we do to make a difference for our clients, candidates and colleagues, communities and environment.

Be Inclusive and Respectful

We collaborate and treat everyone fairly and respectfully regardless of their background, experience or personal circumstances. We are respectful and value everyone.

Making a Difference

We listen to our clients. candidates and colleagues, to understand expectations, offer best practice and industry experience, working together to deliver a service that makes a positive difference

Be Innovative

We strive for more effective and efficient ways of working with our clients, candidates and colleagues to reach higher and be the best we can be and be proud of who we are, embrace failure and learn from it.