Management Skills To Aim For And Avoid

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There are plenty of management styles out there and all have pros and cons. The only certainty is that if you manage the wrong way, business will suffer. If you are a manager, learn what skills you need to be the ultimate boss and how to avoid being the boss from hell.

Mushroom management

In the business world there are approximately 25 types of leadership. A particular style – the mushroom style – controls from the top. The less the employees know, the better. As a management model, the main issue with this is one of transparency. Whether you are already in management or if you are looking to get into it, withholding information is a fast track to a lack of trust between yourself and employees. Always be honest!

Delegating for success

While you can delegate too much and become uninvolved, you should recognise that there will be others who are better at certain things than you are. People under you with more training and experience in particular areas are not people to pick odds with, they are people to learn off and delegate jobs to. Being a good manager does not mean micromanaging all aspects, it means recognising what would be the most effective solution, even if that solution means passing on a task to someone else.


Call time on the blame game

While you cannot control every aspect of the working day, as a manager you are responsible for the actions of others as well as your own. There is always fault to be placed on someone or something, but ultimately the buck stops with you. You have the responsibility to inspire and motivate others and you can use your role as manager to get the best out of others. But don’t fall into the habit of naming, shaming and blaming others working with you.

Get there together or don’t get there at all

When it comes to management traits to avoid, being a tyrant is a massive no go. You cannot manage through fear and bullying. Support goes a long way. Asking if staff are okay, taking care of them, understanding their problems and sharing in their successes will be build a solid and trusting relationship. Higher productivity at work, greater profitability and dramatically reduced staff turnover come from good management. The team on a larger scale will be more successful because of your actions, now that’s one heck of a motivator.

Work together to go further

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