The “Great Resignation” need not be a barrier to attracting and retaining the best talent

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Whilst a lot is being made of the Great Resignation, companies can attract and retain the best talent if they take the right steps with their recruitment partner.

By doing this, they can provide longer term security, while also challenging them to improve and learn new skills, says Richard Bourne, Regional Manager at Pertemps Network Group.

Richard Bourne, Regional Manager at Pertemps Network Group 

Employee engagement, retention and motivation are the most important factors for the success of any organisation, big or small. People are the cornerstone of any successful business, and it is important to reward and recognise accordingly. We have experienced an extremely turbulent jobs market over the last two years which has led to an ever-increasing number of vacancies and increased competition between companies to secure the best talent. 

A heavy emphasis is currently placed upon pay rates, with the cost of living high on the news agenda. However, salary and pay rates are not the only factors for employers to consider. To achieve the goals of retention, engagement and, as previously mentioned, a motivated workforce, a more holistic approach is key.

The overall package on offer should include a competitive basic salary but also consider other financial rewards, such as company shares schemes, perks and discounts, potential bonuses and commissions. Tailoring packages to fit an individual’s needs will help boost engagement between employee and employer to cover a number of factors which motivate and appeal to your workforce.

Pertemps has been listed in the times top 100 companies for 16 years running. The workplace culture determines longevity of staff and engagement levels.  A friendly, work-focused culture gives a sense of teamwork and camaraderie, which people value as an important factor when choosing a long-term position. Team socials, collaborating well with your colleagues day to day and management support are all part of the ethos nurturing a warm workplace environment.

At Pertemps, we offer learner-led training and development for our staff, which empowers colleagues to speak-up when support is needed. A development and training programme allows staff to structure progression with the company in a way that is suited to the individual. Opportunities are achievable for our people to progress quickly and own their career path with the business. Responsibilities and personal development empower our staff to increase earning potential.

Open communication between line managers and staff is important to identify what key motivating factors and rewards matter most to enhance staff welfare. It’s important to ensure it is in line with an overall strategy, enabling the flexibility to address the cost-of-living crisis and the support you, as an employer, can offer. Often, and quite naturally, an employer may automatically think financial support is the only – and best – benefit to offer. However, in some instances, an employee support helpline offering direct links to trained counsellors to deal with stress may be a more viable.

Employees must be able to take the temperature of the business and have a clear taken strategy, working with their recruitment partner to remember that everyone must be part of the whole while still feeling their individual needs are being considered and catered for.


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