An Interview With A Recruiter

Posted 7 years ago •

1.  How would you describe the general culture of Pertemps?


One of the best things about Pertemps is the culture; you work in a friendly, fun environment whilst at the same time everybody works hard and wants to make a difference. Everyone is very supportive and it’s rewarding to be part of a such a committed team.


2.  Why should a candidate choose Pertemps to help them find a job?


We really do care about finding the right job for the right person.  We listen to what each candidate is looking for, whether it’s temporary or permanent work, a change of career or simply planning their next career move, and work on their behalf to actively find the perfect role in an industry that they want.


3.  What are the key things you look for in a successful CV?


I start by looking at the length of service the candidate has achieved within a company and the experience they have gained. It is important that any gaps in a CV are fully explained with reasons given. I then look at the specific industries they have worked in and their key skills which will then help me to identify a suitable role and employer.


4.  What do you hate to see on a CV?


It’s just my personal opinion, but I don’t really think that photographs are that necessary.


5.  What is your best method of sourcing candidates?


At Pertemps we have access to market-leading software which helps us to match CVs to suitable jobs. This saves us time and means we get to contact our candidates quicker with new job opportunities.


Job applications via our adverts are also really useful as the candidate has already shown an interest for a particular role, and it also opens up the door to new vacancies we may have.


6.  Has there been an occasion when a candidate has exceeded your expectations? If so, what did they do differently that made them stand out?


Yes, I had someone who came into the branch with a list of companies that they wanted to work for and had a real idea of what they wanted. For me, it shows the candidate’s determination to find a role that suits them.


7.  According to your clients, what type of candidates make a difference in the interview stage?


People that have researched the company, who are aware of their competitors and have really studied the job description. Candidates that prepare for their interview are setting themselves up for success.


8.  What is the most common mistake candidates make during interviews?


Not preparing at all and doing no research on the company guarantees a failed interview. Preparing for an interview not only puts your mind at ease but it will make you really stand out.


9.  For someone starting out in their job hunt, what are the 3 key things they should do to stand out from the crowd?


I strongly recommend they research roles they’d like and what sort of company or industry they want to go into. The applicants also need to be realistic and see if their skills and experience will transfer to that particular role or industry.


10.  What do you love most about your job?


The variety of tasks I’ve got on a daily basis is really exciting. I love meeting new people and finding the perfect job for someone is very rewarding!

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