Creative Jobs To Consider In 2019

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The new year is the perfect time for change. New year, new me, as they all say! The new year does come with the realistic chance for a change in your career. For instance, if you find yourself doodling in office meetings, writing thrillers in your notes page or have a Pinterest account filled with five-minute crafts, a new role in the creative industry might be just around the corner. So, here are the jobs waiting for you this year:



Digital Marketing

Are you a digital whiz with a creative flare and easy to talk to? Digital marketing is the art of selling products or brands by digital means. Aided by real time analytics telling you which campaigns work and which don’t, you will be responsible for creating content and promoting business by building a strong relationship with your clients. This is a role reaches out for the creatively minded who are looking to use their digital skills for a fast paced role.


If you have a keen eye for detail, then a career as an artworker might just be for you. Tasked with making designs print ready, you will be working closely with graphic designers, illustrators and print makers to make work ready for printing. Colour correction, typography and reworking design concepts straight from the cutting room floor are all in a day’s work for an artworker. This role is a vital part of any design process and if it sounds like it is right up your street, have a look at our jobs here.


Imagine looking up at a skyscraper and thinking, ‘hey, I designed that!’ Pretty cool, right? An architect is responsible for dreaming up every structure you see, from high rise flats to churches and shopping centres. The architect’s role is to think of an idea, design it and run with it. You will need to balance a creative mind with a mathematical one, so if that sounds like you, have a look at our architecture opportunities here.

Web Designer

Every business needs a website. With web traffic forever on the rise, you can trust this is a stable job, as there are always more websites to made. If you live and breathe HTML and CSS, if you think in binary (a bit like the terminator) and have a passion for design, then this role will be great for you. See our current opportunities here.  

2D/3D Animator

Most of us have a soft spot for Pixar, Disney or DreamWorks. Most of us also have to watch health and safety videos on office training days. We’ve all watched CGI characters lift heavy boxes (backs straight everyone) - but what both these things have in common is 2D and 3D animation. Animators take what is drawn on paper and bring it to life. Working with artists and directors, this job is an exciting opportunity for the right-minded individual to play a part in bringing entire worlds to life.

If you’re looking for a creative role, be sure to check out our jobs page here.

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