Game, Set, Job Offer!

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Wimbledon celebrates its 140th anniversary this year, commanding big names on the court who have scooped the title of Wimbledon champion. To mark the anniversary of this prestigious sporting event, we thought we’d look at beating your own competition in the interview room. How do you land that match point and stand out as the winner?

Ball’s in your court

As tennis superstar Serena Williams once said, ‘Luck has nothing to do with it, because I have spent many hours, countless hours on the court working for my one moment in time’. This means opportunity comes to you when you work for it. While job searching, take a note of each role and how to get in touch. Follow up your application with a phone call; this is your chance to quickly build a relationship with the recruiter and make your name memorable.

Get through the qualifiers

Research a role you’re interested in should begin as soon as you know the business. If you’re called for a telephone interview, you can deliver a back spin and show your knowledge of the business straight away. With this you will be even more equipped when you go for your interview face to face.

Prepare yourself mentally

The right attitude can have an overwhelming effect on an athlete’s performance and the same goes for you during an interview.

Reassure yourself beforehand, remind yourself of your goals and how far you have come in your search. You can help your positivity along by preparing and practicing your responses.

Avoid a tiebreak

During your interview, your recruiter may mention there are other players in the game. With this information, ask them directly what concerns they have about you so far. Address them positively but remain honest and true to yourself and your job search.

Land your match point

Finish your set confidently by sending a follow up email after your interview. This may be to your recruiter or the company employee directly depending on your communication. Keep it personal and refer to a point in the interview to rack their memory. Lastly, ensure you thank them for their time!

Challenge round

In some instances, you may be called for a second interview. Prepare yourself by asking what will be involved and refer to the first round and any points your interviewer may have made about your experience.

  • Are there any examples you can think of that you didn’t mention previously?
  • Should you bring with you some examples of your work (portfolio)?

Read more about second interviews in our other blog!

Come back stronger

If you fail to win a match, don’t retire just yet. Practice, keep your head held high and continue to play the game. Your next winning match may be just around the corner! Look for all of our latest opportunities now !

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