Is Your Social Profile Hurting Your Job Search

Posted 3 years ago •

Most people in the world have social media. It is accessible at the touch of our fingertips. With the rise of social media, new opportunities have been made available and it has rapidly changed how we find employment. 70 percent of employers check out a candidate’s social media profile before interviewing and hiring.

So, it is evident that there is no escaping social media, but you can use it to your advantage when it comes to landing your dream job. Remember it’s so easy for potential employees to find out information at a click of the button, they will be considering the following:

  • Do you appear responsible?
  • How well do you communicate?
  • Are you interested in the industry?
  • Do you appear professional?
  • Would you person represent their business well?

It’s time for you to take control of your image and see your social media as ‘personal branding’. Without the right social media presence, it can affect your job chances creating difficulty in landing job interviews.

Take ownership

It’s important to be aware of your social media presence including what information is available to the public and ensure it is what you want employers to see. If your profile has pictures of you partying or rude and controversial posts it probably will hurt your chances. Remember when you post something online, it’s very difficult to take back, so be cautious of what you put out and the image you want to portray.

Maintaining consistency and ensuring quality

The moment someone lands onto your social media page makes an impression. It’s important to ensure all information is up-to-date, the structure is clear and well-organised. Your profile needs to look fresh and professional. Make sure you use the same consistent profile picture for all your social media accounts.

Keeping active

A red flag to recruiters is a candidate who doesn’t engage enough and doesn’t regularly update their online profile. Recruiters like to see that you are actively engaged by providing regular updates on recent activities you’ve been involved in. Utilise your social media platforms to engage with others, post and join in discussion, employers like to see your engagement and proactivity. It also gives employers an understanding of what kind of employee you would be and whether you’d be the right fit within their company.

Final points

Avoid by all means:

  • Inappropriate photos
  • Inappropriate updates
  • Poor CV and cover letters available online
  • Offensive connections – followers or groups
  • Posts containing libellous content about previous employers
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