Why Ongoing Covid-19 Restrictions Should't Delay Your Job Hunt

Posted 2 years ago •

With the anticipation of a potential lockdown over the festive period, a sigh could be heard across the nation when Boris Johnson revealed that there is to be no lockdown at this moment in time. 

Though for now, there are still plan B measures in place, including compulsory face covers in most indoor public venues, Covid-19 passports and regular lateral flow testing for all school staff and secondary pupils. 

What this shouldn’t mean though is that you hold off on looking for your next job. The impacts of Covid and, quite possibly, Brexit have combined to create an unprecedented boom in job vacancies. Everyone, it seems, is hiring.

There are plenty of opportunities, whether you are fresh out of education, a seasoned professional, seeking flexible short-term work or your next long-term career posting.

In the latest CBI/Pertemps Labour Market Update, Pertemps Chair Carmen Watson went so far as to say the number of vacancies was rising at a higher rate that she has seen for many years.

“[There has been] a surge in demand for both permanent and contingent employees at one of the highest rates in over 20 years. It is the fastest rate we have ever seen,” she said.

Perhaps mostly publicised have been shortages of people to work in the hospitality and driving sectors. In both of these industries, Pertemps is a market leader and our team are keen to speak to you about the opportunities.

There are also regional shortages, in Leicester for instance, Pertemps is seeking an additional 500 people a month to join its talent pool to cope with demand from clients, both new and old, with around 540 needed in Reading and 500-plus in Scotland also.

And the latest ONS stats, released today, confirm the picture that the job market is showing signs of recovery, with the number of people on payroll “growing strongly” in May.

We are working with thousands of businesses and individuals from all sectors across the UK. Our network of 200 offices is open for business while we also have pioneering online registration and career video chats to ensure we match the right person to the right opportunity in a way that is easy and convenient for you. In addition, we have plenty of careers advice and top tips to help you through the process.

Our experts are helping to lead the way in getting the nation back to work. We have your next job. The opportunities are there now and are not reliant on the next Prime Minister’s press conference.

So, what are you waiting for?!

Get in touch with your local branch today. 


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