10 Sure Signs You’re In The Right Job

Posted 6 years ago •

Have you ever wondered if you picked the right career? We all know a good job is hard to come by and a great job that you enjoy every day is even harder. If most of these simple signs hit home with you, chances are you’ve made the right career move:


1. No Sunday blues

You don’t spend the weekend plagued with anxiety and you actually look forward to getting stuck in come Monday morning. If you find yourself regularly saying, “I’d much rather watch 20 episodes on Netflix than go to work tomorrow”, it’s probably time to sit down and have a good think about what you enjoy and what type of work suits you.

2. You enjoy spending time with your co-workers

Working day in and day out with people you don’t like can be a huge drain on motivation. When you feel like you can confide in your team and see them as friends rather than just work colleagues, you’re blessed with a good job!


3. You feel challenged and not afraid to take new risks

You’re willing to take yourself out of your comfort zone by asking for new projects and testing your limits. Doing an easy job and getting paid for it might seem like a sweet deal in theory, but comfort can quickly turn into boredom. Having a job that keeps your stimulated, sharp and gives you a sense of pride will keep you on the right path.


4. Wait, is it 5 o’clock already?

You don’t clock-watch every five minutes and before you know it everyone’s picking up their coats to leave. This is a sure sign you're in the right job, as the saying goes - time flies when you're having fun!


5. You have the perfect work-life balance

Any job that stops you from planning a future, has a strain on your relationships or hinders your health is not a good job! The right role will offer work-life balance and will give you the opportunity to succeed, as well as allowing you to make time for yourself, loved ones and hobbies.


6. You care about your company’s goals

One true sign that you’re content in your role is the fact you care about your company’s goals and ideas. When you feel like the company you work for is your own and you are emotionally invested in the ups and downs they go through – stay put!


7. Mistakes are recognised as growth

Good employees will always make mistakes at some point – it’s human nature! However great managers will allow those mistakes and will encourage you to solve the problem and develop a new solution without making you feel guilty.


8. Talking about your job all the time

If you find yourself re-telling funny work stories, or chatting to family and friends about a project – it’s clear you enjoy what you do and you’re eager to talk about it.  Just try not to boast too much to not-so-happy workers you may know!


9. You adopt an optimistic outlook

If a deadline is cropping up and your team is deflated, you’re the optimistic soul who motivates everyone and helps them to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Creating positive energy in your office will transcend to positive changes in your life, and the fact you love your job is an added bonus!


10. Your hard work is appreciated

Whether you’ve had great feedback from a client, exceled in a project or you just generally give 110% to your job consistently – receiving recognition from your employer is important for your self-esteem and morale.  If your hard work is appreciated, you’ve definitely bagged the dream job!


If you’ve found the job of your dreams – congratulations! If you still need a little help in your search for temporary or permanent opportunities, our recruitment consultants are on hand to help. Start your search today.


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