5 Ways To Stay Engaged At Work

Posted 7 years ago •

Checking your mobile phone every few minutes? Having a sneaky peek at your Facebook updates when nobody is looking? Popping to the loo even when you don’t need to go? Then chances are you may be losing interest in your job.

It can happen to anyone. From the CEO to the intern. It can happen anywhere. In the office or in a warehouse. When it does happen, your job satisfaction will really hit the skids and boredom will set in. You could then be at risk of alienating your colleagues, frustrating your boss or, worse, getting fired.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Simply follow these golden rules to be more productive, relaxed and happier in whatever workplace you find yourself in.

Don’t become a gossip

You may think that venting your frustrations to co-workers brings a sense of relief when, in reality, it may leave you and everyone around you feeling even worse than before. For all you know, that caring colleague who is there for you all the time may, in fact, be simply too polite to tell you to stop whingeing. You could end up being more isolated from your team mates which will only lead to further disengagement.


Leave the mobile at home

Or, at least, switch it off when you are in work. Seeing it there, staring you in the face, is clearly too tempting for you. Has anyone text? Did anybody like that photo of my homemade pasta I posted at lunchtime on Facebook? Did your best friend really just share a pic of her dancing in the kitchen on Snapchat? Who cares, get on with your work…


Demand more from yourself

If you could fulfill your daily chores with your eyes closed, such is your familiarity with them, then it’s time to throw down the gauntlet to yourself. Aim to double your workload within a set time, ask a colleague if they could do with some assistance, speak to your boss about assuming greater responsibility. Whatever you do, make it challenging and keep yourself stimulated.

Have a cuppa with your manager

You may think they’re unapproachable at times but if you sit down with your boss and tell them you want to do more work for the same pay, chances are they will be willing to listen! Tell them you’re willing to learn, that you want to step outside of your routine – show them your ambition. Be honest and explain that you want to take on more tasks so you don’t ever become disengaged.


Be better

If you lose engagement, there’s a very real possibility that your work is beginning to suck too. Consider taking online classes, search YouTube for relevant tutorials, attend networking events and visit industry conferences. Develop your skills and improve your CV then put your growing talents into practice at work. You may even win the approval of your co-workers or boss.

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