A Day In The Life Of … A Delivery Driver

Posted 4 years ago •

For those of you who enjoy stunning views and open roads all over the UK this could be perfect for you, but also, it’s one of the most physically demanding. Before deciding if you want a job as a Delivery driver, here's what our experts have to say.



Delivery drivers work tirelessly and independently to collect and deliver parcels to households and businesses across the UK. Drivers’ local knowledge is crucial in planning their route on a daily basis to ensure efficiency and prompt completion of collections and deliveries.



Like any job, challenges are faced day-to-day. during the festive season, there are bound to be a few tough tasks. With any customer-facing role, you do, unfortunately, from time to time, encounter difficult customers (although most people you come across are completely the opposite!). It can be quite solitary, but many people, particularly drivers, prefer it that way.


Best bits

Although there are challenges, it can be very rewarding. You have the opportunity to connect and interact with many people from all walks of life, making a difference every day by delivering products or presents from loved ones. With a home-delivery service, it makes it convenient and incredibly timesaving for customers, which always puts a smile on their face. 


Hints ‘n’ tips 

It’s a very hands-on, physical role, full of variety where no two shifts are ever the same. It’s great if you are looking for flexibility to suit your current lifestyle, job stability or an opportunity to change career direction. If your cheery and physically capable, hardworking, work well with others and get a kick out of helping people, then look at our Delivery roles at https://bit.ly/2pcPhbC



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