Achieving The Perfect Work-Life Balance

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Whether you’re a high-flying executive, living a life on the road or hands on in a manufacturing role - chances are you’re wearing a lot of hats on a daily basis and sometimes feel like you’re working around the clock. To have time to enjoy friends, family, and free time – try some of our tips to help you find the balance that’s right for you:


Switch off

Although people may physically leave the office, they don’t leave their work behind and checking emails outside of work hours can easily become part of a daily routine. Boost productivity at work and eliminate pointless stress by switching off emails at the end of the day.


Honesty is the best policy

Do you need to leave work on time for a family meal? Have you had a change in circumstances and need to discuss a higher salary? Whatever it is, it’s always better to be upfront and communicate to your manager what you need to make your work and personal life align.

Forget about perfection

You’ve got to the end of the working day relatively stress-free, but wait there’s a catch right? No good can come from scrutinising minor details at work and telling yourself nothing is ever ‘done’, it’s like running towards a finish line that doesn’t exist – perfection isn’t real!


Set boundaries 

Boundaries will be your best friend during your career - if you’re not available for a conference call at 11pm, say so! Striking the perfect balance involves letting colleagues and clients know what days and times you are available. Although flexibility may be part and parcel of the job, letting others know your schedule will give you time to yourself without distractions.


Create a schedule and stick to it

When you plan your working week, make a point of scheduling in time with family and friends, or activities that help you unwind. Whether it’s a date night or a sports event with friends, having something to look forward to will give you motivation to manage your time effectively at work so you don’t miss out!

Get moving

Do you feel chained to your desk at times? Getting up and squeezing in some time for exercise can ultimately help you get more done a work by boosting your energy levels and ability to concentrate.


Roll with the punches

Busy phases will come and go in your life and you’ll find things won’t be plain sailing all of the time, but that’s okay! Life is all about consistency and accepting you might not always leave the office at 5pm every single day may make things easier. However, if you’re finding you’re constantly leaving work late and your employer expects you to give up a lot of your happiness for work it may be time to consider a new role.


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