Dealing With Those Post-Christmas Blues

Posted 4 years ago •

Now that the Christmas hype has come and gone, the reality of a cold and rainy start to 2020 can quickly turn your Christmas spirit into a new year nightmare. If you’ve got all the symptoms of the post-Christmas blues, our advice is the antidote.

New year, new you

It’s cliché but a new year is a good a time as any to start afresh. Tackle the January drizzle by investing in a hobby that you can really sink your teeth into. Whether it’s a new sport, craft, or you are looking to learn a language ahead of your summer escape - combat the post-Christmas blues with a hobby you truly enjoy to forget about the worst of the winter weather.

Budget like a pro

People are often down in the dumps because December can take a toll on your bank balance. To make your money go the extra mile, you can cut costs here and there. Resist the urge to dive into the sales looking for a bargain, odds are you’ll spend far more than you intend. Start prepping your lunches at home for work instead of eating out every day and you’ll quickly save precious pounds which will keep you afloat until payday!



Keep in touch

Christmas is a good time to reconnect with friends and family and as we head into the new year, it’s important to remain in touch with as many people as possible. Consider using video chat if you can’t meet face to face or make time to call on your daily commute - if safe and responsible to do so. It’s important to use your time effectively to balance time between work, friends and family (we know this is a lot easier said than done).



Book a holiday

Christmas blues can quickly set in if you have nothing on the horizon to look forward to. Although it might seem a long way off, start looking for your summer getaway sooner rather than later. Not only does it give you something to get excited about, but it also gives you ample time to save up for your trip. If the post–Christmas blues have got to you hard, consider looking online for a last-minute deal to kick-start your motivation for the new year.



Keep the Christmas cheer

Accepting that Christmas is over is a real downer however, it can be doubly dismal to return to work to find that your co-workers are in just as much of a post-Christmas slump as you are. Nip the negative vibes in the bud and organise a cheap and cheerful work event, even if it’s just a lunch time trip to the pub to banish the blues.

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