Don't Ditch Your Resolutions: Apply Them To The Work Place!

Posted 6 years ago •

January 17th, the day people typically ditch their New Year's Resolutions. You’re a little tired of saving your money, the salad leaves little to be desired and frankly, you've had enough of waiting in line for the treadmill. However, optimism lingers in the air!

As you think up that resolution you always make but fail to see through more than a few weeks, why not make 2017 the year where you stick to it? Even better, you can apply your resolution to the workplace! As you spend a good chunk of daily life at work, it’s a great idea to remind yourself of your solid goals. Here are some common resolutions and how you can apply them to the workplace –

Losing weight is a common goal after overindulging over the Christmas period. People aim to be healthier in January, however come February many are reaching for the tub of Pringles again.

  • To prevent any slip-ups, get a group of you together at work who are aiming to keep fit and encourage each other to stay on track. Go for a run together at lunch, cycle to the office and share healthy meal ideas.
  • Say no. Sure, there's still a ton of Christmas chocolate doing the rounds and a nice hot sandwich would be a delight but you don't need it! Don't give yourself the temptation, stick with it.
  • If there is an onsite gym, go! Just 20 minutes of exercise a day boosts energy levels and improves mood. You’ll also build stronger relationships with your colleagues in the process. So avoid the chippy at lunch and you’ll feel healthier and more productive in no time.  

Getting into the team spirit also applies to quitting smoking. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death, with the risk of heart disease or a stroke being two to four times more likely if you’re a smoker. 2017 could be the year you quit for good.

  • With the help of your colleagues, discard any cigarette paraphernalia from the office and encourage each other to stay on track when the going gets tough.
  • Talk to a doctor about developing a quitting plan and make sure to stick with it, even if work gets stressful. It will be worth it – think of the money you will save and your improved health!

Promising to be more organised in the new year for all you busybodies is a great resolution. Organisation equals higher productivity levels and decreased feelings of stress.

  • Focus on one or two areas you’d like to improve and maintain it.
  • If you’re often late for work, try and set your alarm earlier and leave the house at a reasonable time.
  • If your desk is a mess and your calendar is all over the place, do something about it. Colour code, make to-do lists, meet deadlines and chuck away any unnecessary junk cluttering up your work space. You’ll see productivity levels increase in no time and your boss will be happy too!

Fancy a promotion in 2017? Or a nice pay rise? Don’t we all! If you work hard and prove why you deserve it, then you might be in with a chance. A company will only offer someone a promotion if the need is there, so if it is, prove to your bosses why they should consider you.

  • Present them with all of your daily responsibilities, any major projects you’ve worked on, successes you’ve had – basically anything you’ve done to benefit the business and help the bosses. So continue to shine throughout the new year and your hard work might just pay off.

Finally, make sure you give yourself achievable, realistic goals. Although it's great to aim high, ensure you don't set yourself up to fail straight away.

  • You can help yourself judge this by writing the exact process you need to go through to get there. For example: 'I want to lose 5 stone' - is the process achievable in your current lifestyle? For example: 'I want to lose 5 stone' could be 'Weigh myself > Start tracking calories > Join a gym/Attend Zumba/At home workout > Make healthy lunches > Avoid over snacking > Keep it up!'

Let’s make sure you don’t have another year of failed resolutions. Stay focused on your goals and don’t give up. Make 2017 a healthier, successful and productive year. Oh, and step away from the Hobnobs!   


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