Here's How To Stay Motivated When Everyone Else Is On Vacation

Posted 6 years ago •

Working during the holiday period when most of your colleagues are away on their jollies can leave you feeling deflated and unmotivated. Trying to stay on alert can feel like the hardest thing when your mind is on escaping the rat race and getting away, but of course, we have to get on with our jobs! Here are six ways to stay motivated when the rest of the office is on holiday.

  • Plan – At the beginning of the day, make a to-do list so you have a clear plan of action and you are feeling positive about how your day will be spent. Prioritise the most important tasks to ensure their completion. Giving yourself clear aims will help you to focus and prevent feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about how to spend the day.

  •  Love what you do – remind yourself of reasons why you enjoy your job and why you wanted it in the first place. Fill your workspace with images of successful campaigns or inspirational quotes to keep you motivated when there is no boss around to keep you on your toes.
  • Clear your workspace – as things slow down around during the holidays, it gives you the opportunity to have a really good sort out of your workspace. If there is not much else going on, organising your desk is a useful way to spend your time. 
  • Get some exercise – constantly working for 8 hours a day can drain your energy and zap any enthusiasm. At lunch have a walk around outside, jog to the shop or simply do a few stretches between tasks. It’s important to have short breaks throughout the day to keep motivation levels high, especially when you might be alone in the office.
  • Speak to your peers – if you aren’t the only one keeping the office afloat over the holiday, go and have a chat to colleagues who are also working. Everyone is likely to be feeling more laid back, so why not invite them out for lunch? You never know, they could help with any work you feel you have hit a wall with. If the weather is behaving, why not have lunch outside?

  • Treat yourself – promise yourself various treats at certain times or after finishing a job. For instance, after completing that rigorous report, make yourself a coffee and kick back for 10. As long as your work is getting done, there’s no harm in allowing yourself some treat time to stay driven and focused on the rest of your tasks.

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