How Do I Get A Pay Rise?

Posted 4 years ago •

Want a pay rise? Unhappy with your benefits package? So are 23% of people we surveyed.

Before throwing in the towel because you’re unhappy with your salary, follow our steps to see what you should do if you want a raise…


Before you jump ship, do some market research to see what other people in your industry are paid. You might discover you aren’t as underpaid as you think. Find a salary calculator online and see what the average salary in your location for your role is. If the salaries look pretty similar to yours, the best bet is to develop more skills to get promoted to see a substantial increase.


If you feel you are being significantly underpaid, it’s time to talk to your manager. Request a meeting with your boss and prepare a list which shows your contribution to the company, including anything you do that goes above and beyond your role. Make sure you get across the difference your work makes to the business.


Think about the other benefits you receive. Do you get above average holiday allowance? Bonuses? Great health plan? Flexible working? Company car? Before you leave your current job based purely on salary, think about the other benefits you get that you might not receive elsewhere. However, if your benefits and salary are looking pretty shoddy, it might be time to move on… 

Look elsewhere

If your manager has turned down your request for a raise, ask why. See if there is anything you could improve on and ask to meet again in a few months’ time to discuss further. But, if you have already tried, tried and tried again to ask for more money and it always falls on deaf ears AND you know you're doing a great job, it’s probably time to look for a job where you will be more appreciated.  

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