How To Speak With Confidence At Work

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When you’re low on the totem pole and somewhat shy, it is perfectly normal to feel intimidated in the workplace by fellow colleagues who may appear to be more outgoing when voicing their opinion. Often, even if you are higher up the ladder you may still feel reluctant to speak up as to not come off as too bossy towards other members of staff.

This is a highly common issue and here is the reason why you should speak your mind with confidence- even if you are wrong.

Being part of a workforce is just like being part of a team, if there is no communication things tend to not run so smoothly. This is where speaking with confidence comes in to play.

It is vital to remember that even if your ideas do not make the final cut, that they are never devalued; if something doesn’t go your way the first time do not feel discouraged to input later out of fear of a reoccurring scenario.

If you are new in the workplace or simply have a fear of presenting your thoughts to others, then here are a few things you may want to consider.

Start slowly.

Go at our own pace, not that of others. Everyone has a different style of work flow that suits them, so don’t feel that you are underperforming if another colleague works differently to you. It is not a race to blurt out everything that is on your mind so make sure to take time when speaking to avoid getting tongue-tied.

Ask for what you want.

If you do not ask, you do not get. Sometimes the best option is to be blunt and open about what it is you require to get the job done. Honesty is the best policy, so being open with your needs or that of the company will work out well in the long run.

Say yes.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance. Chances can either go one way or the other, it could be a success and pay off or become a risk you shouldn’t have taken. Either way this is not a negative, but more of a learning curve.

Converse regularly with a variety of people.

Often progression within a company is ‘not what you know, but who you know’. It is not a crime to make friends in a working environment, and may well benefit you when help and guidance is needed.

Don’t panic in stressful situations.

It is easier to switch straight to panic mode than it is to calmly rationalise a situation, but you will find that taking a step back and evaluating all the options available will not only work out for the better, but allow you to be more confident when dealing with compromising circumstances.

Don’t be afraid of the Boss

They are there to support you through your period of employment with the company so you should never feel hesitant to approach them with any issues or queries.

Speaking confidently to your boss will show them that you are an employee who uses initiative and is not afraid to raise issues as they present themselves. This is a quality that many employers look for, so do not feel as though you do not have the authority to voice your opinion.

Dress for the part.

Often if you feel and look good, you fall in to the role of someone else – this new persona could be just the kick you need to boost your confidence at work.

Be proud of even minor achievements.

There is a massive difference between gloating and being proud of yourself. Sometimes you may deserve those bragging rights, so embrace them! Anything which has improved the workplaces functionality, if only slightly, is something you should be proud of and with each minor achievement, success and confidence will flourish.

Remember, there is a reason you were hired. That reason is often because you, your opinions and ideas are an asset – so speaking up and being confident will be something you are praised for and not discouraged to do.

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