How To Survive Your First Month At Work

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So you’ve started a new job; first week nerves are over, you’ve become a skilled note-taker and laughed at all your boss’s jokes. Now what? There’s a whole month ahead of you to make a lasting impression, so use your time wisely. If you’re unsure or a little daunted, fear not! We have a few tips on how to survive the first month of your new job.


1. Get to know your colleagues 

When you spend 8 hours a day at work, it’s ideal to get on with your fellow workers. Introduce yourself to every new person you meet and find out their job role. It’s good to have contacts in different departments in case you ever need their expertise. If you’re invited to the pub after work or to an office party, go! Talking to people outside of work is where you get to know them properly and form stronger relationships. Make sure to talk to your boss too, they won’t bite!


2. Study the organisation

Swotting up on the company’s history, following their social media pages and seeing what competitors are up to are brilliant ways of keeping in the loop and understanding the company thoroughly. Immerse yourself in the culture of the company and you will feel increasingly confident in your new role.


3. Be committed 

There’s no point in entering a new position half-heartedly. If you are really serious about getting as much as you can out of your job, be enthusiastic, keen to learn, develop and progress. Arrive on time, attend any induction sessions, ask questions and keep work flow consistent.


4. Dress to impress

Make sure you know the dress code – it will usually be in the company contract. If it’s smart, don’t turn up in ripped jeans and trainers. You are projecting the image of the company so it’s probably best to not turn up in your pyjamas.


5. Take initiative

At the beginning, you will be given small doses of work. Starting slowly allows you to settle in without becoming overwhelmed. As you start to finish set tasks, take initiative and ask for more, or think of fresh ideas and present them to your boss. Be proactive and you will certainly impress.


6. Ask for feedback 

Each week ask your boss for feedback so you know what you’re doing well with and what you need to improve on. This way, you will be clear on the path you need to take going forward and can set goals for the future. You can also talk to your boss about what you like and any worries you may have – they are there to help.


The most important thing to do is ENJOY your new job! The first month is an exciting time, so make a positive impression, work hard and be focused. Good luck!

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