Nine Things Only You And Your Best Work Bud Do

Posted 5 years ago •

When most of your week is spent at work, it’s handy if you get on with your colleagues. After all, we probably spend more time with our co-workers than we do your own family, so having a few pals at work can make the world of difference.  

Sometimes, we hit the jackpot and find a real best friend at work. They’re the person you actually want to see outside of office hours and miss when you go on holiday. So, what’s so great about having a best buddy in the office?



Inside jokes

You and your mate are the funniest people in the department. Or maybe the whole company…? You should probably give up the day job and become a comedy duo. That’s what you think, anyway. Your sense of humour is exactly the same and cracking jokes is second nature. You’re thankful every day that they’re there to make the long days at work fly by!


Annoying habits

When you spend so much time with someone, you’ll start to pick up on their weird habits. At first, you’ll probably find how loud they chew their food or the way they flick their hair out of their face annoying. But, as time goes on, it’ll just become part of their charm. And, you’re so close you can probably tell them what annoys you anyway…


Pub trips

Sneaky visits to the pub at lunch wouldn’t be the same without your work friend. You get up to all sorts of mischief… and still get back to your desk in time for an afternoon of productivity!


Miss each other on the weekends

Is it Friday? Oh… when everyone else is overjoyed at the thought of two full colleague-free days at the weekend, you and your work BFF are pretty sad. You actually look forward to Mondays…


Have a good moan

Everyone likes to complain now and again. Sometimes you just need to vent, especially if you’ve had a particularly bad meeting or someone at work is annoying you. Your pal will be more than happy to listen to your woes, offer advice and a helping hand – that’s what friends are for!


Rooting for each other

Up for a promotion? Got to present to the directors? Taking exams? Whatever the situation, you can count on your best bud to be there for you, like your own personal cheerleader.


Shoulder to cry on

You don’t always feel 100% at work. Whether there’s an issue in your personal life or you just aren’t feeling great, your buddy will be there as your shoulder to cry on.


Lunch companion

Lunches will never be spent unaccompanied again. Eating your tuna baguette on your lonesome in the canteen is no more. Your work bestie doubles up as your lunch date too. And what better time to get all the gossip in?


Honesty is the best policy

You aren’t afraid to be honest with each other. Some things just need to be said! Even if it might hurt for a second or two.


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