Rise And Shine: How To Be A Monday Morning Person

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Got a serious case of the Sunday blues? Many people find Mondays mundane and it’s easy to get in a funk, worrying about what lies ahead of the working week. Although the weekend was good, it’s time to buckle up and get back into the swing of things with a spring in your step. Here’s how:



Monday mindset

Everyone’s heard the phrase ‘mind over matter’ and it definitely applies to your Monday mindset. If you believe Monday will be a drag, chances are it probably will be. So, our advice to you is act like you love Monday mornings, tell yourself it’s going to be a great day and you’ll find your positive attitude will have a direct effect on how your day turns out. If self-doubt creeps in come Sunday, tell yourself you’re perfectly okay. You’ll soon find when you create a new belief system, Mondays aren’t so bad.


Plan ahead

Eliminate Monday morning stress from the offset by preparing Sunday evening. Lay out your work clothes, pack an enjoyable and nutritious lunch the night before and set your alarm so you have plenty of time to get ready. And remember; always start your day with breakfast! Although these simple steps may seem obvious, most people skip them and find Monday morning can be a rush, leaving you feeling flustered.  



Ditch weekend working

There are times when you’ll be required to work extra hours, but this shouldn’t be a regular occurrence – work-life balance is essential to your happiness and health. The weekend should be a break from work. If you work overtime often, not only will you burn out, you may start feeling resentful because your weekend and working work will feel like it’s merging into one, which is not a great way to start your week.


Don’t sacrifice sleep

Everyone knows how important sleep is, but often people sacrifice sleep on the weekend and feel like walking zombies come Monday. Of course, you want to make the most of your free time, but skipping sleep will confuse your body clock and have a knock-on effect for the rest of the week. A consistent routine can make both falling to sleep and getting up on Monday morning easier, less stressful, and more relaxing.




Diary dates

On the last day of work, jot down a list of ‘to dos’ for Monday. Although your day might change and unexpected tasks might land on your desk, it’s worth getting a mini plan in place to get yourself organised for Monday morning. Obviously, this won’t be applicable for every job and depending on your role, two days might not be the same, but if you have a rough idea what Monday has in store it’s worth making a note of your duties.


Motivate with music

Music can have a positive impact on your mood and you can find playlists for pretty much any occasion and every genre. If you need to find your Monday mojo, plug-in and create a playlist that makes you feel happy and motivated. Even if you’re not listening to the words, listening to music helps you avoid getting sucked into conversations in the office that may stop you from working effectively.


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