Seven Of The Happiest Jobs In The World

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Everyone wants a job that fills them with joy. Waking up in the morning should hurt a little bit less knowing you’re getting up for a job that makes you happy. Many people might think the higher-paid the job, the happier you’ll be. But that’s not always the case! Having a sense of fulfilment and prospect in a company is just as important.

So, what are the happiest jobs in the world?


Marketing specialist

If you are creative, full of ideas and not afraid to think outside the box, a career in marketing might be a step in the right direction for you. Day-to-day tasks typically involve planning and implementing advertising campaigns and measuring the results. This can be an exciting role, especially if expectations are met or exceeded.


No two days are the same for a recruitment consultant. Fast-paced and rewarding; recruitment is an industry for go-getters who are determined to succeed. The bonuses are attractive, but that comes with hard work and commitment. Recruitment is all about keeping the client and the job seeker happy and involves juggling a few hats.


When your office is the outdoors, it’s hard not to be happy. Designing and maintaining landscapes is one of the most enjoyable forms of physical labour. Although it’s not known for its high salary, it is known for high satisfaction levels. For people who love nature, this is a dream job. 


Engineers use science and mathematics to develop economical solutions to technical problems. To be an engineer, you need a level head and to be a good problem solver. There are many different branches of engineering, with each one specialising in specific technologies and products. Finding solutions to problems and seeing them come to life is what makes being an engineer so satisfying. 


Watching children grow and learn is just one reason why teachers love their job. Teachers have a massive impact on a child’s life and people often remember their favourite teacher long into adulthood. Teaching the future generation is a huge role with a lot of work involved, but one that’s worth it to see students progress and grow into intelligent adults.


Changing lives is a main reason why nurses love their job. Helping patients to overcome illness is a huge responsibility, but despite the stress, nurses remain devoted as their fulfilment levels are so high. Having such a big impact on people’s lives is rewarding, especially when patients are thankful for all you’ve done for them.

Construction worker

There’s never a dull moment in construction. Huge satisfaction comes from creating something from scratch. It’s great to know that in a 20 years’ time, a builder can look at something and say, ‘I built that.’ Skilfully creating a structure that will be there for years to come is like leaving your mark on the world – and something many craftsmen love. Being in the fresh air, staying active and working with like-minded people are also things that make construction workers happy.    


Whatever your career, it’s important to check in with yourself now and then and make sure you are still happy in your role. If not – ask yourself why. Is there something you can change?

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