Should I Stay Or Should I Go? 5 Questions To Consider When You're Thinking Of Leaving Your Job

Posted 5 years ago •

If you’re content in your day-to-day work, you probably won’t have a desperate urge to change scenery. However, if you’re not quite sure if you want to stay or leave your job, you may want to ask yourself the following questions to be 100% sure.

Do I enjoy the work I do?

If you’re clock watching every day and loathing each work assignment that comes in, you may wish to consider a change of scene. However, you should also ask yourself if the boredom you’re feeling in your job is from the work itself or from your own efforts.

  • Are you giving your job 100%?
  • Are there any extra challenges you can take on that may make your work feel more satisfying?
  • Are you able to speak to your manager about the work you’re doing?

Is there room for promotion, a raise or training?

As much as we may like to pretend we go to work for a higher calling, we all want something in return. If there is potential in the future for more money or a promotion it may be worth hanging tight in your job; though consider if the issue you’re having will go away should these things come to fruition.

Is this what I want to do long term in my career?

“Better to be at the bottom of a ladder you want to climb than in the middle of some ladder you don’t, right?” - Dave Eggers

If you’re considering a new job, this may be the right time to consider if this is where you want to go in your career. Is there something you’ve always wanted to pursue but never had the opportunity or the experience? This may be a good enough reason to consider a new job; after all, will there ever be a better time?

We’ve got just the place to start - check out our blog on losing the fear of changing career.

Is this job causing me too much stress or anxiety?

We work a lot, it’s expected that we will face the peaks and troughs on a day to day basis. 

However, if your job is seriously affecting your mental health, you may wish to ask yourself the question, ‘is this job really worth it?’. If you’re going home feeling drained, stressed and tired every day of the week then the answer may well be a no. Start considering your next step - it may be the answer you need.

Do I like the people I work with or the boss I work for?

When you work with people you like, it becomes more than just a job. We don’t have to be best friends with our colleagues, but they should at least make you feel supported, motivated, inspired or challenged when you come to work.

Most importantly, your manager should make you feel valued and supported. If you’re facing a manager you can’t talk to or is more likely to point out your flaws than appreciate your achievements, then maybe it’s time to consider something new.

Overall, you may conclude that your reasons don’t justify leaving your role. However, if something really isn’t working for you; there will always be another opportunity around the corner….




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