What To Do If You Feel Stuck In Your Job

Posted 4 years ago •

Out of around 2,000 people who said their job makes them sad in our survey, 29% said it’s due to feeling they are stuck in a dead-end job.

Feeling trapped in a job that doesn’t offer you the progression you’re looking for is disheartening. It leaves you feeling stagnant and like you can’t achieve more or challenge yourself further.

Are you stuck in your job and want to throw in the towel? Read our steps on what to do first before handing in your resignation letter…

Think, why?

Got the grass seems greener syndrome? Before you jump to change jobs, step back and think of all the reasons why you feel stuck. Maybe you’re fed up of the same work day-in, day-out. Or have you lost out on a promotion recently? Whatever it is, make sure you’re positive that a new job is what you need to make you happy.

Talk it out

Before you take the leap, talk to your manager. Be honest and tell them how you feel. See if there is a chance to take on more responsibility. If you’re interested in learning more, find out if professional training is an option. If your queries are met with a ‘sorry, no can do’, it’s probably time to assess if this job is really for you.

Prioritise what you want

If you know you want to find a new job, write down a list of everything you want to get out of it. Is a higher salary a priority? Or opportunity for promotion? Is the impact your work makes on the world important to you? Work culture a biggie? Whatever you lack in your current role, try and find in a new job so you won’t face the same problems there.

Extracurricular activities

If your job isn’t fulfilling, try activities outside your job to curb the hunger for your interests. Do things that you enjoy, take up a hobby or volunteering role. If you spend a lot of time sat down at a desk in your day job, go out for a walk or exercise to feel energised. Fill your free time with the things you love to do, and your life will feel fuller.


Becoming unstuck takes time and demands action. Whether you decide to stay or go, make sure you’re making the best move for your career.

If you decide that finding a new role is the best option, see our latest job opportunities here.

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