10 Steps To Mastering The Perfect Follow Up Email

Posted 6 years ago •

We all know the job market is fraught with competition so huge congratulations to you on landing an interview! However, when it goes well it’s very tempting to sit and wait with baited breath. Why not try using your time more constructively by crafting the perfect email that will help seal the deal? Here’s our guide to nailing the basics:



1. Clarify contact information

First things first, after your interview don’t be afraid to ask what the next steps are. This shows you’re proactive and more importantly you will know who to address your follow up email to at a later stage.


2. Communicate in a timely manner

If you don’t receive any news in a day, don’t panic! It’s important to give your prospective employer time to wrap up interviews with other candidates and time to consider why you’re perfect for the job. As a rule of thumb, give it at least 24 hours before making contact!



3. Be polite

You want to show you have professional grace, so by thanking your potential employer for their time highlights your good manners and the fact you would be a good representative of the company. Remember the simple gesture of thanking them is the foundation of your follow up email!


4. Keep it short

You’ve won them over with your personality and impressed with your skills, so now you can get straight down to business in your email - making sure it’s brief and concise. This lets your potential employer know you’re sensitive to their schedule.


5. Show your enthusiasm

Showing you’re very interested in the role is perfectly ok, after all you did apply and made a great impression in the interview! Definitely express how keen you are and re-emphasise why you would be a great fit.


6. Promote your candidacy

Standing out from the crowd is important, whether it’s a fact about common ground you share or a topic discussed, mention a moment in your interview to help them see you as a person with potential and not just another email.


7. Pick the right person

If you’ve had an interview with multiple people, it can be confusing to decide who to follow up with. Play it safe and pick the person who is in charge of following up with you, most likely the hiring manager or a HR representative at the company.


8. Proof, proof and proof

Don’t fall down at the first hurdle with a poorly worded email that’s littered with spelling and grammar errors. Missing simple mistakes can be easily done, so if you need a fresh pair of eyes ask someone to proof for you as well.


9. Pick up the phone

If you’re biting at the bit for a response a day or two later – pick up the phone. Sometimes schedules and workloads can get in the way and a phone call may give you the answers you need straight away.


10. Learn when to step away from the keyboard 

If you’ve waited patiently for a reply for over two weeks and still haven’t heard anything, it might be best to take a step back. Sometimes employers can reach out weeks after the interview, but it’s best to leave the ball in their court at this point and let them come to you!


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