How Social Media Affects Your Job Success

Posted 7 years ago •

Having a presence in the online world is a true asset. It shows that you are connected to your digital environment, which is a valuable aptitude for an employer. But are your social media accounts having a negative impact on your job success?

Be conscious that employers, recruiters and even new colleagues check your social media profiles. Questions they may ask include:

  • Do they appear responsible?
  • How well do they communicate?
  • Are they interested in the industry?
  • Do they appear professional?
  • Would this person represent their business well?

It is therefore essential your social media accounts reflect the above and here’s some things to consider:


Optimise your online shop window

It is increasingly evident that recruiters are checking social media profiles for candidates, even before they put them in front of an employer. Use this to your advantage. Fill in your personal details that indirectly sell yourself. Provide your work history and qualifications where you can and opt for a respectable, professional photo of yourself – this is after-all the front door to your online shop!


Always be in control

If you want your profile to demonstrate you at your best, make sure that your profile information and timeline does not damage your reputation. Hide or screen your timeline to ensure it only shows acceptable and positive elements of your profile. You can do this simply by changing your privacy settings. Just bear in mind that privacy settings can be defaulted back to public on new posts or photos.


Avoid by all means:

  • Inappropriate photos
  • Inappropriate updates
  • Poor CV and cover letters available online
  • Offensive connections - followers or groups
  • Posts containing libelous content about previous employers
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