How To: Feel More Career Confident

Posted 5 years ago •

A lack of self-belief is listed as one of the biggest factors that holds people back in their career. Don’t let this be the reason you won’t ask for a pay rise or put yourself forward to lead on a project!

We’ve got some tips to help you feel more confident in your career.



Say yes

The more you say yes to challenges that take you out of you comfort zone, the higher your confidence levels will be afterwards. The only way to grow and develop is by taking on tasks that you aren’t so comfortable with. The more you say ‘yes’ to new projects and opportunities, the more you will feel self-assured in your role.



Like anything in life; if you plan, the more prepared and assured you’ll be. To make sure your confidence levels rise, break down your goals into small, achievable chucks and set a deadline. Once you have completed those aims, you should feel a sense of achievement and pride. For instance, if you are nervous about public speaking, accept an invitation to speak at an event. Once you’ve done it the first time, you will know what to expect and won’t be so nervous second time round. Conquer the unknown and your self-confidence should rocket.


Role models

Having a positive role model in your life can increase your success and confidence. There’s a lot to be learnt from an inspirational leader who’s been in your shoes before. They can offer helpful advice and guidance on a range of issues that might be causing you concern. Whether it’s your manager or someone else in your industry, talking to senior team members and asking them questions should increase your confidence moving forward.


List everything you’re good at

Lots of us are great at thinking about what we’re bad at. What we’re not so good at is self-praise. If you’re having a confidence crisis, think of all your achievements to date and the skills you possess. Chances are, you’ll feel a little better afterwards. Discuss with your boss whether there would be a chance to develop your skills further. Having a specialism is an even better way to build on your confidence and puts you in a better position when asking for a pay rise!


Confidence isn’t a one-size-fits-all characteristic. It comes in all shapes and sizes. What fills one person with dread, might excite another. Everyone is different, and that’s what makes the world an interesting place. If you’re suffering from confidence issues, remember, everyone else does too from time to time. Try to take a step back, revaluate what it is you want from your career (whether that’s training, a pay rise, more responsibility) and take the necessary actions to get there, using our tips to help.     

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