Strapped For Cash? Money Saving Tips For Christmas

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Trying to save money before the inevitable Christmas party period? December is a busy month for most, with family gatherings and work do’s galore, it’s a time for celebration and festivity. However, it’s not such a great time for your bank account.

If you’re worried you won’t have the money to get through the month, fear not. We’ve got some tips on saving that should keep you afloat over the festive period.




Make a budget and stick to it

This is an obvious one and probably something you’re tired of hearing, but budgeting really does work. It’s one of those things that’s easier said than done, especially when all you want to do is splurge on Christmas jumpers and selection boxes.

However, if you really try, sticking to a budget can help your finances flourish. Write down how much you plan to spend on presents, food and other outgoings and it should become a lot easier to resist spending on unnecessary extras.


Book train tickets early

Doing a lot of travelling in December? Lots of people visit family and friends in different corners of the country over the Christmas period which might require public transport. If you’re hopping on a train in the near future, book your tickets now to save £££.

Advance train tickets cost far less than those bought on the day of travel. The cheapest tickets typically go on sale 12 weeks before the day of the journey. So, get buying…



Find cheap deals online

The web is full of deals leading up to the festive period. If you need to find cheap presents, take some time to scour the internet for the best deals. Look out for discount codes, early sales and most importantly, Black Friday.

Hundreds of stores drop their prices to kick off the Christmas shopping season on Black Friday. This year it falls on 24 November, so get your bank cards at the ready, as it’s a great opportunity to get all your shopping done in one go at discount prices.


Sell your stuff

Everyone has that pile of stuff lying in the corner of their room ready to sell on eBay. Instead of letting it sit there for another few months, get it sold! Now is the best time to sell any unwanted clothes or last year’s unused Christmas gifts online.

CDs, books and DVDs are also great items to sell quickly and will give you a bit of extra cash to splash over the festive season.


DIY lunch

Are you in the habit of buying a meal deal or popping to the local coffee shop every day at work? We all love a convenient meal, but spending £5 a day on lunch adds up and isn’t necessary. Bring in your own lunches and you’ll save money each week; which could add up to a present for someone or a night out!


The festive period doesn’t have to be a financial burden. Be smart and budget, but still have fun! Using public transport, quitting smoking, car sharing, raiding the freezer for food instead of buying more and avoiding takeaway treats are also other small ways to save big. You never know, you could adopt money saving habits that last for the whole year.


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