What To Do When You've Been Dismissed

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Being dismissed can feel completely overwhelming – what do you do now? You may feel like your confidence has hit a low point or you’re feeling totally underprepared to look for a new job. It’s important to keep a level head and understand that there is something for you out there, here’s an idea on what to do next.

Firstly, be aware that it’s happened to the best of us. Walt Disney was fired once for his “lack of imagination” and J.K Rowling was fired as a Secretary because she “daydreamed too much”. It’s important for you to analyse what did not work and what you can improve but don’t sit on your dreams!

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

J.K. Rowling’s example is quite inspiring. She was dismissed for something which ended up being her greatest asset. It simply did not serve her as a secretary. Sometimes you can find yourself underperforming in a job because you’ve not yet found out how to utilise your best talents.

Where To Begin With a Fresh Start:

  •  List what you liked and what you disliked in your previous job. What was the problem in the end? Was it a problem with the Employer themselves? Or the job you were doing? Try to view it from all angles, see it from a neutral party though it may be hard to do so

 Identify what you think you’re the best at

  • Part of the problem may be that you were simply not invested in the job you were doing. This could be a sign that you are in the wrong type of job, consider what you enjoy and potentially look at a career change.

Think of something that you would love to do for as a job

  • Is it entirely out of your reach? There could potentially be ways into the industry from the experience you’ve already gained. If it’s wildly in another direction, look closer at what parts of your last job you did enjoy and work from there.

Update your CV and ensure you keep it positive

  • Highlight in your personal statement what it is you want in your career moving forward.

When asked for a reference, choose your contact carefully.

  • If you believe your previous manager would say negative things about you, advise your employer to speak to the HR team.

When asked in an interview the reasons for leaving your last job - be truthful.

  • Avoid saying negative things about your previous Employer. Leave out gritty details and focus on the facts.
  • Make sure to let the interviewer know what you learned from this past experience.
  • If you are truthful, you'll come across as genuine and if you mean it when you say you're ready for a new start that will come across in your words

Get a manager or a colleague to write a recommendation on LinkedIn to showcase your skills to employers.

  • You can also post a status to say you are available for work and open to discussions with recruiters.

Look forward, stay positive and see it as an opportunity to find a role that you will excel into.

You have to be prepared to sell yourself with confidence during the next interview.

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