Why You Should Consider Voluntary Work

Posted 5 years ago •

Have you ever considered volunteering? It could be just the ticket not only for local causes but also for you as an individual, both in your life and your career. Volunteering offers a plethora of benefits and we’ve listed just a few below:




We’ll start with the obvious, shall we? Volunteering can help parts of your community that really need it. Even a small amount of effort on your part may help to change someone’s life for the better. Do not underestimate exactly how much you could do with that bit of time you dedicate each month!


Making contacts

When you expand your horizons, you expand your network. It takes a dedicated person to work for free, so you can be sure your fellow volunteers will be dedicated people.


Building your experience

Hit a wall in your job search? Or are you working with a blank CV? Volunteering can give you the kind of experience you need to get your foot in the door. Whether it’s event management, customer service, managing a budget or even helping on social media; if you think you can offer the community one of your skills, you should voice your thoughts - you may well uncover an opportunity!


Opening opportunities

If you feel that applying for the same jobs isn’t getting you anywhere, volunteering may well open a new door that was not there previously. Although the third sector is not-for-profit and charitable causes, according to data collected by the UK Civil Society, 880,556 people are employed permanently in the charity sector.


Sense of purpose

Volunteering may just put a spring in your step. By helping other people, we can lower our blood pressure, increase our self-esteem, have lower stress levels and see depression levels decrease. Besides the obvious benefits on your CV, it may help your own health and well-being by giving to other people. 





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