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An adoption officer is responsible for facilitating the adoption process for both the family that is adopting and the child who is being adopted. They can work together with government organisations and/or adoption agencies to place orphaned children in adoptive homes.


Entry is via a variety of relevant academic and/or professional qualifications. Background checks including a DBS check are likely to be required.


  • Provides activities to assist young people develop and fulfil their potential as individuals and within the community.
  • Advises and supports families experiencing stress or crisis.
  • Acts as an advocate for and represents individuals and families at tribunals and similar hearings.
  • Oversees, supervises and provides counselling for the process of adoption.
  • Mentors and counsels those with mental health problems.
  • Provides rehabilitation services to individuals.
  • Manages volunteers and part-time workers, and liaises with other relevant professionals.
  • Keeps records and controls budgets.

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