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Architects investigate, design and oversee the construction and development of buildings, urban spaces, infrastructure projects and social spaces. They design in accordance with the surroundings and regulations applicable in specific geographic areas, taking into account factors that include function, aesthetics, costs and public health and safety. They are aware of social contexts and environmental factors, which include the relationships between people and buildings and buildings and the environment. They engage in multidisciplinary projects aimed at developing the social fabric of a geographic area and advancing in social urbanism projects. 


Entrants require a professional qualification in architecture that will encompass an accredited degree and postgraduate qualification, and at least two years practical experience.


  • Analyses site survey and advises client on development and construction details and ensures that proposed design blends in with the surrounding area.
  • Liaises with client and other professionals to establish building type, style, cost limitations and landscaping requirements.
  • Monitors construction work in progress to ensure compliance with specifications.
  • Prepares detailed scale drawings and specifications for design and construction and submits these for planning approval.
  • Studies condition and characteristics of site, taking into account drainage, topsoil, trees, rock formations, etc..

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